Untitled-1 Welcome to my new writing project. Last year my non fiction book Fixing Antarctica was published.

This year my writing project is romantic comedy fiction.

My novel is called Embraceable You. (I’m writing as Anneka Belson).

It’s the story of a highly successful businesswoman, supermodel Karla, who is accidentally trapped in the jungle for three weeks with her old enemy Obie Hurst. While she gets herself out of that tangle, her tycoon father seizes the moment to destroy her business empire, ruin her reputation and bankrupt her. Why not? He is a psychopath, after all.


Chapter one: part one

Chapter one: part two

Chapter one: part three

Chapter one: part four

Chapter Two: part one

Chapter Two: part two



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    • Hi Ivor, The publication date is 20 June 2014, so it is almost ready. It will be available through AMAZON in e format and paper version. It will be available through some bookshops but I don’t have a list yet, but I’ll publicise the outlets once I know. Not sure of the price yet. When the final details are ready, such as price, I’m going to be posting on the website. Macquarie Island … lucky you. I haven’t been there but I watch all programs eagerly and it looks like it is returning to its old magnificence. Have a great day. Lynette.

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