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Marissa has written a dark evocative Western.


The Ghost rider

At the crack of dawn as the black crows squarked their lungs out, a man and a cat stood silently in the deserted bar of Deadwood Town in the dusty western plains. The cat had sleek dark brown fur and stiff alert ears turned always forward because of his supersonic hearing and the young, dark haired man had a look of adventure on his earnest freckled face. Stepping out into the cold brisk morning, the cat was the first one to see the dark gloomy horseshaped shadow with eyes of blood red and its rider with a whip cracking like fireworks above the sounds of the crows. The young man froze as he felt a sharp pain strike his chest and as he tumbled to the dusty street the cat leapt onto his friend’s chest and bared his sharp fangs in warning. Yet again, the crows squarked but the cat and the man could not hear them.

Marissa, Grade 7.


Paige’s new story is a gift for her Mum


Paige wanted to say that she loves her mum so much and this is her story gift.


The McKenzie Crew.


The McKenzie crew went for a wonderful exploratory bike ride through the forest to Yungaburra in North Queensland, looking for wild flowers. My dad rode through a puddle and all the mud splashed up his back and when he looked at his mud shirt, he giggled. My brother, on the other hand, saw a platypus and yelled “Look at that!”  The whole family rushed over to the creek and we all discovered some other platypuses too. My mum spotted a turtle popping its head out of the river, blowing a bubble and she screamed “Wow! There’s a baby turtle”. The McKenzie crew peddled their four bikes through the forest branches which were covering the dirt road and Paige noticed a fish and chip shop in the little town of Yungaburra. Paige’s family all loved the wonderful bike ride and they all thought North Queensland was awesome.


Paige, aged 9


Eddie’s story about magpies, and vengeance and all that.


The lesson.

After lunch time five dilatory teenagers, who should have been doing homework, slothfully glided past the nest on their bikes, which scared the magpie. He was already in an anxious mood after a fight with a random bird, so he fluffed up his black and white feathers to deceive them that he was really strong. When he plummeted into attack mode, he thought hurriedly about what he could do with them and decided to snap the thin metal sticks on the top of their helmets so that he hurt them badly for his revenge. When he cracked the sticks, the kids pedalled in a panic but they were too slow to cycle away from him. They tumbled off their bikes, falling head first grazing their ankles and they had to go home injured. Five dilatory teenagers wished they had ridden through the bird park without annoying the birds.


Eddie aged ten.

Paige’s new gift


Paige has a lot of friends and people who love her, so she is going to be working hard to write gifts for them. Here is the story for her friends Monike and Renee. She has taken them all off to the lovely rainbow coloured sands of Rainbow Beach. They had a little mishap, but the day ended well …..


The Rainbow Beach.


Early in the afternoon at Rainbow Beach, Monike, Renee and Paige were in the cold blue water splashing each other, giggling like alligators. The twins, who were two of Paige’s closest friends, were rolling in the waves with froth on top, froth which reminded them all of cherry ice-cream. As the seagulls screeched over them, Monike realized that Renee was being pulled in a rip.  Monike and Paige dived under the water and started swimming towards her, grabbed her and brought her back to the shore and saved her. Early in the afternoon, the three girls enjoyed the salty, sandy breeze as they stayed out of the water and ate chocolate chip ice-cream on the rainbow coloured sand.


Paige, aged 9, Grade 4. 15th March 2012

Paige’s new story is a gift for her friend Jaimee who has moved to another town.


Jaimee and Paige.

 Early in the morning outside of Elder Road, Bisley in England, the snow is tumbling down and piling up in front of the white door and covering up the cars parked round the dead end cul de sac. Jaimee opened her eyes and her mouth with astonishment. She felt very cold and her feet were blue in the white snow. She looked down and said “Oh my Gosh! I’m still in my striped pjs!”. Then Jaimee was running towards the white door and it suddenly opened and a sleepy girl with long, gold messy hair, called Paige, came screaming out of the door yelling “Jaimee, you’re here”. They ran towards each other and smashed together bumping their faces. Somewhere, back in Australia, two girls woke up from the same dream and giggled.


Paige, aged 9.

A new gem on my homepage.


Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been doing my normal book reviews this year. I’ve been working extremely hard on writing Syd’s biography and so I haven’t been reading much. I have always found writing and reading other people’s work doesn’t mix, so I write, or I read, but I don’t do both (unless it is reading for research so I can write).

The point of this very brief post is to invite you all to have a look at the home page of Quills. I’ve added a sentence written by one of my writing students. He is a primary school writer and he wrote a beautiful sentence. I said it was so lovely that I would have to be careful I didn’t ‘accidentally’ steal it and he offered to sell it to me for $20.00!

I hope you all enjoy the evocative imagery young Lawson created as he described an island with a lighthouse.