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Phil’s greatest diplomatic truce.


Eddie, who is in Grade five, has been working on this story for weeks. Now, finally, we bring you…..

Phil’s greatest diplomatic truce.

Every time a boat used to come to the lighthouse to dock, all the boy could hear was the sound of multiple gun shots firing away, while the horns where honking and people were yelling at the top of their lungs. The lighthouse, recently constructed to warn the amphibious vehicles about the rocks, was shiny silver aluminium, and it perched very high on a dangerous precipice overlooking the massive azure ocean.

The boy’s name was Phil and his dog’s name was Max. The two of them played outside behind the lighthouse while Phil’s father, the lighthouse keeper, turned on the radiant beams which showed him what was going on in the harbour. Phil could see a mysterious marine figure appear out of the sea holding a sniper rifle.

She had light blue hair, dark blue clothes and a thick rainbow-coloured tail. She was a deadly mermaid. Phil and Max both recognised the girl called Julie who was, at that moment, pointing an SR-98 at the people swimming out to the floating trucks to drag them into the harbour. Julie had a hazardous habit of shooting at the heads of everyone in the docks, which Phil knew had been prohibited a very, very long time ago.

“Julie! Stop!” Phil shouted as Max began to bark loudly.
Julie turned her head towards the boy with a mischievous smirk. Above in the sky dark clouds began to gather. “What a boof-head!” Julie muttered, pointing at a fat man who was running towards them.

The manager of the amphibious vehicle convoy approached, running towards the boy, his face red from sprinting.
“What’s wrong with that mad mermaid?” he shouted. “You think life is one humungus warzone.”
“I’m sick of all the noise. I never get any sleep because of the loud engines. It’s one continuous racket whenever your boats drive over into the port. Above, overhead, slowing down, honking horns, dinghies making high pitched squeals, the sound of anchors dropping … it’s enough to wake every mermaid in mermaidville.” The mermaid with light blue hair was really upset.

Phil felt quite worried about Julie. Even though she was short tempered and had a tendency to violence, he didn’t want her to ‘hurt’ the company owner and he didn’t want Julie to be arrested either. It would be pretty bad for a mermaid in prison; she’d be injured — badly — and wouldn’t be able to swim. Surely there was a solution! “I know” thought Phil, “I could make some kind of truce treaty to send down a blue print perhaps.”

The trouble was that Phil was not good at all at being diplomatic – he was very poor at saying the right thing to calm down the situation.

“Julie’ he said silently. Don’t you think it is time to capitulate – to just let the men do their job and get their rafts out of the harbour as soon as possible? You can’t just be pointing guns at everyone in the docks just because you can’t rest”.

“A truce! You’ve got to be kidding!” laughed the mermaid contemptuously.

The manager of the amphibious vehicle convoy stamped his foot and while growling with a frown. “I’m just trying to do my job!” he said, quite reasonably, Phil thought. “If you’d leave us alone we’d be in and out in the same night, and you’d only have to put up with us for a brief time, and then you’d get back to sleep. We need to transport groceries for the people on the island. It’s all we need to do.”

“YOU BIG BUT-HEAD!” That was Julie’s donation to harmony. She really did have extreme anger and very little intelligence, the boy pondered to himself. Every time Phil was with her, he wondered why he liked her in the first place! During the big kerfuffle, Max was barking at the top of his lungs to attract attention to a treasure he found which looked like the top of a big plastic dome.

Just then Phil’s father burst around the corner, obviously scorching with fury, and paced rapidly up the hill towards the gathering.

“And I’m sick of your shenanigans ….” Phil could hear him shouting all the way down the road. He glanced at Julie and she glanced at him. If there was one person Julie would listen to, it was Phil’s father.

“Okay, okay”. She nodded her head. “Before we are deluged in the wisdom of the lighthouse keeper, I agree.” Even before Phil’s father caught up to them all, she was unloading the gun and preparing to hand it over.

“Julie! The gun was loaded!” gasped Phil in terror.

“An unloaded one is useless!” Julie replied, making an awkward croaky voice that might have been mirth. Without explanation, everybody started to laugh.