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“The Cassowary Feather” by Taj (aged 8)


When the pigs were in their sty playing in the mud they found a cassowary feather and one pig ate it and suddenly forty-nine more feathers fell on them and forty-nine pigs ate one each and all turn…

Source: “The Cassowary Feather” by Taj (aged 8)


Lion – by Dardo (aged 9)


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lion-tamerOn the day the circus came to Bundaberg Fred Fredrickson was training to be an electrician when he saw the poster of someone training a lion. As he was a very brave man, he decided he wanted to have that job so he went to the circus and asked if he could be a lion tamer too. They said “Yes, but you have to train for a long time because you have to be ready for anything the lion would do, like try to bite you.” Next month, Fred amazed everyone by riding the biggest, the baddest, and the bravest lion ever. On the day the circus left Bundaberg, Fred went with them.

Dardo (aged 9) 

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