Dr. Lynette Finch

Once I was a poster designer and illustrator. I ran a small poster business called Mantis Prints, specializing in political posters during the odd days of the Bjelke-Petersen Government in Queensland.

In my next incarnation I was a senior University lecturer in history. I published books and articles on urban health, history of childhood and political propaganda.

I am looking forward to the publication of my new book, Fixing Antarctica, which is a biography of Syd Kirkby, an extraordinary man who surveyed enormous tracts of  Antarctica.

Books by Lynette Finch

Australia’s Frontline: Remembering the 1939-45 War

Dark Angel : Propaganda in Modern Warfare

The Classing Gaze: Sexuality, Class and Surveillance

Young in a Warm Climate: a history of childhood in Queensland


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  1. Hi Lynette
    I’m trying to contact you regarding republication of the book ‘Youth Subcultures’, due for release in November this year. I would be grateful if you could send me your email address so that we can let you know when details are available.
    Best wishes
    Cate Lowry
    Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies

  2. G’Day Lyn,

    Thought you might be able to help this bloke… cheers,
    Pat L

    Stewart McAllister wrote:

    My name is Stewart McAllister and am hoping you may be able to assist me in finding out some details about a political poster, produced by someone involved with Griffith Uni in the past, I have. A copy of this poster has been donated by the Griffith University, Film and Drama Centre and can be found through the following link:


    I doubt I can find out a great deal about the artist, James Swan, due to the age of the piece but I am hoping that someone in Griffith may have some knowledge of the image and its history. Of particular interest to me is the identification of the three ‘aviators’ to the right of Russ Hinze. I have some ideas but am just not sure probably due to a less than adequate memory of that period. With any luck you may have a copy there or maybe some details of it. It is such a powerful representation of that period of political subversion that it would be remiss of me to not appreciate the poster’s details.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Stewart McAllister
    0413 166859

    • HI Stewart

      James Swan was a musician the last time I heard. Can’t help with his details other than that. The aviators are Joh Bjelke-Petersen; Russ Hinze; Lew Edwards; Malcolm Fraser, Doug Anthony. You can look up who they were, all Federal or State leaders on the conservative side of politics during the 1970s and 1980s. The quotation is a reworking of “Never was so much owed by so many to so few” which was the banner line of a speech made by Winston Churchill on 20 August 1940. The poster was printed in 1979 in the Griffith Artworks Studio by Jimmy.

  3. Hi Dr. Finch!

    My name is Júlia, I’m a researcher in English Studies and I’m interested in your book the “Classing Gaze: class, sexuality and surveillance”, but I cannot find it in Berlin. Since they are extremely expensive to get, I was wondering if you still sell this book or have an online version of it. Thank you! I’d be happy to pay for any of the editions.


    All the best,

    • Hi Julia

      I do have a couple of copies so I’ll email you and then we can discuss how I can send you a copy. I noticed how expensive they are too. I guess they’ve become rare.


  4. Hi Lynette, I am particularly interested in Margaret Elizabeth Journeaux (married James Finch) and wondering can you tell me who her parents were? I am wondering if she belongs to ‘our’ mob of Journeauxs (from Co Cork) as Margaret and Elizabeth were regular names among them. Thanks, Jenny Fawcett joan(dot)fawcett(at)hotmail(dot)com

  5. Hi Lynette
    Just want to make contact. I live in Maleny, but am an obsessive Antarcticphile, and I also know Syd Kirkby. Bought your book today through Rosettas Bookshop, and look forward to getting stuck in.

    They tell me they are trying to get an event organised, so hopefully we will meet up one day.

    I have (unsuccessfully) applied for the AAD fellowship, and will try again. I have been there once in 2013 to Ross Sea and wandered through the historic huts, visited the Taylor Dry Valley – all the usual things – and am returning in November, this time to camp in the ice, but only on the Peninsular. I do give a lot of Antarctic presentations around the ridges, and was keynote speaker at the U3A State Conference a few weeks back.

    Anyway, just saying hi. Oh, and I am also a writer, got two historic books published, plus ebook on my Antarctic jaunts.
    Cheers Dale

    • Hi Dale,
      It was quite a privilege getting the AAD scholarship and I will always be grateful. Good luck as you reapply. I do hope you like the book. Syd deserves every recognition he gets. Thanks for saying Hi. I hope we’ll meet at Rosettas.

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