Bit of a culture shock!!!


Last year we were trekking through Antarctica with the scientists at Mawson base in 1956. This year I’m beginning a new project as a fiction writer of romantic comedy. The novel I’m publishing twice a week is called Embraceable You. It’s the story of a highly successful businesswoman, supermodel Karla, who is accidentally trapped in the jungle for three weeks with her old enemy Obie Hurst. While she gets herself out of that tangle, her tycoon father seizes the moment to destroy her business empire, ruin her reputation and bankrupt her. Why not? He is a psychopath, after all.

Now I know this will all be a bit of a shock for people who followed the blogs last year so I’ll understand if you give a polite little cough and head for the hills.

Have a great year everyone, and if you’re still around after this, please enjoy the first chapter of Embraceable You.Romantic couple in the tropical jungle



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