Today, during our creative workshop two young students created lovely stories. I hope you enjoy them.

The Chocolate Ducklets

When it was Easter I got lots of Easter eggs and I got them because I was good. Outside the grass was dead because there was no water and I found my eggs near a bush.  There was something wrong and I didn’t know what. Suddenly an egg was hatching and then all  the eggs were hatching. My ducklets were made of chocolate.

Nathan, age 6.

The Aussie Wars

It was 1987 and in the wars.  It happened in the whole of Queensland in red shatter flames and darkness. My friend got shot by a rifle and that’s how it went down. An enemy soldier came up from a fox hole and threw a grenade. We just got out of the way but then, with his rifle, he did two shots and both of them hit and he had no hope. It was a sad sad war. 1987 was my worst year. 

Luke aged 9.

Two great new stories


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