Rainbow and Nightbomb


Rainbow and Nightbomb.

One day Mr Nightbomb woke up with a strange feeling. When he went outside he saw the birdcage door open and his budgerigar Rainbow disappeared. He looked everywhere in his house but he had no luck. Weeks passed and still he could not find Rainbow. Then one morning he woke up hearing lots of loud noises, high pitched, repeated rapidly, chirping sort of noises. Wearing his pink polka dot pajamas he waddled outside into the cool brisk morning and found thousands of budgerigars on his trees in the back yard. Eventually Rainbow flew to Mr Nightbomb and chirped at him for a little while and jumped onto his shoulder and rubbed gently against his unshaved cheek. Then for the rest of Mr NIghtbomb’s life, he lived with thousands of little parrots in his back yard.

Eddie who will be eleven this year.


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