Paige’s new story is a gift for her Mum


Paige wanted to say that she loves her mum so much and this is her story gift.


The McKenzie Crew.


The McKenzie crew went for a wonderful exploratory bike ride through the forest to Yungaburra in North Queensland, looking for wild flowers. My dad rode through a puddle and all the mud splashed up his back and when he looked at his mud shirt, he giggled. My brother, on the other hand, saw a platypus and yelled “Look at that!”  The whole family rushed over to the creek and we all discovered some other platypuses too. My mum spotted a turtle popping its head out of the river, blowing a bubble and she screamed “Wow! There’s a baby turtle”. The McKenzie crew peddled their four bikes through the forest branches which were covering the dirt road and Paige noticed a fish and chip shop in the little town of Yungaburra. Paige’s family all loved the wonderful bike ride and they all thought North Queensland was awesome.


Paige, aged 9



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