Eddie’s story about magpies, and vengeance and all that.


The lesson.

After lunch time five dilatory teenagers, who should have been doing homework, slothfully glided past the nest on their bikes, which scared the magpie. He was already in an anxious mood after a fight with a random bird, so he fluffed up his black and white feathers to deceive them that he was really strong. When he plummeted into attack mode, he thought hurriedly about what he could do with them and decided to snap the thin metal sticks on the top of their helmets so that he hurt them badly for his revenge. When he cracked the sticks, the kids pedalled in a panic but they were too slow to cycle away from him. They tumbled off their bikes, falling head first grazing their ankles and they had to go home injured. Five dilatory teenagers wished they had ridden through the bird park without annoying the birds.


Eddie aged ten.


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