Paige’s new gift


Paige has a lot of friends and people who love her, so she is going to be working hard to write gifts for them. Here is the story for her friends Monike and Renee. She has taken them all off to the lovely rainbow coloured sands of Rainbow Beach. They had a little mishap, but the day ended well …..


The Rainbow Beach.


Early in the afternoon at Rainbow Beach, Monike, Renee and Paige were in the cold blue water splashing each other, giggling like alligators. The twins, who were two of Paige’s closest friends, were rolling in the waves with froth on top, froth which reminded them all of cherry ice-cream. As the seagulls screeched over them, Monike realized that Renee was being pulled in a rip.  Monike and Paige dived under the water and started swimming towards her, grabbed her and brought her back to the shore and saved her. Early in the afternoon, the three girls enjoyed the salty, sandy breeze as they stayed out of the water and ate chocolate chip ice-cream on the rainbow coloured sand.


Paige, aged 9, Grade 4. 15th March 2012


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