Paige’s new story is a gift for her friend Jaimee who has moved to another town.


Jaimee and Paige.

 Early in the morning outside of Elder Road, Bisley in England, the snow is tumbling down and piling up in front of the white door and covering up the cars parked round the dead end cul de sac. Jaimee opened her eyes and her mouth with astonishment. She felt very cold and her feet were blue in the white snow. She looked down and said “Oh my Gosh! I’m still in my striped pjs!”. Then Jaimee was running towards the white door and it suddenly opened and a sleepy girl with long, gold messy hair, called Paige, came screaming out of the door yelling “Jaimee, you’re here”. They ran towards each other and smashed together bumping their faces. Somewhere, back in Australia, two girls woke up from the same dream and giggled.


Paige, aged 9.


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