A fair maiden is rescued.


Lawson’s graduated to the wonderful place where he wants to perfect his work. So he has patiently (and excitedly) written drafts of this one.

A skylander adventure.

On a dark gloomy night, Stealth Elf, a frightened fair maiden locked in a tower, shrieked urgently for help. A far distance away, the most courageous knight in the royal palace, whose soul burned with adventure and whose sword was as bright as a thousand suns, heard a faint cry. His name was Ignighter and he was riding on his trusty steed Whirlwind, the unicorn.  With  powerful wings that gave him flight like a hundred eagles, Whirlwind could make clouds to give them cover so they could approach their destination undetected. Finally, they got to the tower by night fall but they weren’t expecting an ambush by Dark Spyro, the evil witch. They suddenly found themselves tied up in rope that was as tough as titanium. For a few minutes they felt like they had failed on their mission but then they had an idea. Whirlwind’s horn could cut through the rope. After a long time, they sliced the titanium to set themselves free. As he fought up the spiral stairs, Whirlwind flew in the air and shot rainbows at Dark Spyro’s fighting trolls who were armed with monkey wrenches. With the path cleared, Ignighter dashed up the stairs and rescued Stealth Elf and they all got out of there like squirrels that drank coffee. The witch was nowhere to be seen. On a dark gloomy night, they all returned home for a cup of jo and the frightened maiden had a marshmellow.


Lawson (2 February 2012)



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