Paige’s latest Christmas Story. Santa Claus’s Adventure on Mount Everest this year.


Santa Claus’s adventure on Mount Everest this year.

On Mount Everest, this year, we saw puny trees, white snow, dark space and brown rocks and we had fifteen people. Five were looking down and ten were looking up. The Queen of England was up at Mount Everest too. She was wearing yellow, pink and purple. No offence but I think she looks about ninety-four or ninety-five years old. That’s younger than me.

“What’s that big bang, Santa Claus? said the Queen.

“I’m trying to make pigs into fairies,” I said.

“I thought we were doing scientific experiments on atoms!” she said.

“No, that’s boring. I’m doing this new thing now, making pigs into fairies”.

And it worked. There were twenty-five fairies trying to find food on Mount Everest.



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