Paige’s Christmas Story. Lady’s Gaga’s Revenge.


Lady Gaga’s Revenge.

At six o’clock on Tuesday morning last week, after I had a long sleep, Santa and Lady Gaga flew to Finland with me so that all three of us could have fun in the sparkling snow.  Lady Gaga, who wore pink and purple clothes and had green sparkly hair, sang cheeky songs all the way to Finland while I ate cheese happily and Santa stayed sound asleep. When we got off the plane Lady Gaga threw snow at me and Santa but we thrashed her when Santa chucked a big snowball right at her face at high speed and her make-up melted away. She was so upset that during her concert that night, while she was sitting on Santa’s knee on stage, she embarrassed him by singing a naughty song about him.


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  1. Thanks for the comment Diana. Paige is only in grade three, so I was very impressed with her story. She’ll love it that you’ve commented.

  2. This story is both funny and topical with lots of comic touches. I might have to revise my opinion of Santa even though he was teased by Lady Gaga.

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