James’s Christmas story. Christmas at Camelot.


Christmas at Camelot.

In the castle of Camelot at midnight five hundred years ago, Santa was tiptoeing down the stairs to deliver presents to the children of the castle, muttering “Why did James have to ask for the only thing I don’t have?  A golden chest plate for a medieval suit of armour …. Aaahhhh!”

At that moment King Arthur came rushing down the corridor shouting ‘Attack! the castle is under attack! …Who are you?”

Santa stiffened up and turned around and said “… I’m the new castle Jester”.

Arthur looked at him suspiciously and said, ‘Get to a safe place and stay there”.

So Santa bowed and when he was out of sight, he sighed. He could not help them defend the castle or get a suit of armour for expectant James. It would not go unnoticed if a man in red was fighting off invaders, so he just headed to the final few rooms to deliver the presents. He walked around the corner and saw a gleaming golden suit of armour in the moonlight, picked it up and headed to James’s room.


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  1. Excellent first short story James – the court jester part has me chuckling every time I think about it! A Santa with a good sense of humour – lovely.

  2. I like the way this story presents a colourful picture: the golden armour, the red Santa suit and the moonlight in the Castle of Camelot – all transport one to a magical place where extraordinary things can happen.

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