Christmas Story by Marissa. Santa’s Diary.


Christmas Story

Saturday December 24, 2006.

I’m stuck in a big, big mess now all because of Marissa, a 6-year-old girl. I’m thinking of not even going to her house but she has two brothers who have been waiting for me to bring along this laptop and a pet beagle. Aaron, the young brother, has begged for the pup for two years. Gavin, the elder brother, leaves me delicious cookies with fresh milk from the farm. The problem is that Marissa won the colouring competition for the whole of Australasia and she was on television last night getting her prize from the boy reporter, Tintin. He said to Marissa “Make sure you close your eyes tightly and stay in bed or Santa will not come to your house.”

“Really?” said Little Miss Smarty Pants. “I thought Santa would still come to the house even if I stay awake all night and spot him coming.”

A balloon deflated in my stomach. Well, I can thank my lucky stars for Tintin for warning me. Just in case she is telling the truth I sent off a elf with some sleeping gas…. Oops that time already … I’m off to deliver the presents.


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