Christmas Story by Emma. At the Beach.


At the beach

I was at the beach the other day with my bestie, Ally. She’s always yakking on about all the hottest singers (even though she’s already got a boyfriend who she adores) and which one she likes and who everyone likes the most, when one of the greatest Aussie singers strolls past in a yellow shirt and sunnies. Cody Simpson. There aren’t any paparazzi or fans around, but Ally recognises him instantly. She practically falls to her knees and tells him that she would climb a thousand Everests for him, and that she has only ever dreamed about meeting him. Once I have managed to scrape Ally off Cody, he asks us out to the movies. Ally is gobsmacked; so am I especially since Ally almost tackled him.

Just as we’re about to turn around to go to the movies with CODY SIMPSON, there is a noise of bells—sleigh bells. Everyone on the beach looks up to see a red sleigh being pulled by nine reindeer. My mouth hangs wide open as a man with a white beard looks down from the carriage and yells out his Christmas greetings. Now there is a true celebrity known all around the world.


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