Christmas Story by Aaron – Year of the Naughty Ones.


Year of the Naughty Ones

In 1104 BC at the Pub of Lost Elves, the Terminator … HEY! Wait a minute! How can the T9000 be around in the year 1104 BC! Well, yes, it is a narrative. Anyway… where was I again? T9000, Santa Claus and I, were discussing our task. The Terminator’s part was to get his hands on enough charcoal for seven million naughty kids. All he had to do was to use his flamethrower to burn down all the Amazon Rainforest. Santa’s part was to deliver the seven million charcoal filled presents to all the ill-disciplined offspring of wayward parents. My part was to put the charcoal into the boxes. All the charcoal was lined up on a conveyor belt with all the cheerfully-wrapped boxes on another one. I’d pick the charcoal and a box then put all the presents into a crate behind me. The boxes looked really festive. Then Santa delivered the presents to the wicked children and the deed was done, apart from the fact that all the children were crying on Christmas morning and the Terminator was arrested for arson while opening a bottle of four X Gold with his tobsidium teeth at the Pub of Lost Elves.


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  1. Yes, I love the imagination too, but I thought Bradley (in Maurice’s story) was a bad type. I think Aaron’s just trumped him in darkness.

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