Christmas Story. Keep Your Eyes on the Road (by Maurice)


Keep your eyes on the road

“What’s that in the middle of the road?”
The red and white material looked like a squished candy cane – all tumbled and dirty and stretched and smelly.
“I know! I know!” yelled Sarah. “It’s a strawberry jam covered giant pikelet that was going to be served to the queen and the baker was going too fast and it fell out of his wagon.”
“No it’s not!” chimed in Bradley, “It’s what’s left of Michael Jordan’s Ferrari when it smashed into an ice cream van. That’s what happens when you don’t keep your eyes on the road.” He said in a very authoritative voice.
I really love playing the who-can-come-up-with-the-most-interesting-story game. It’s great for stretching the imagination.
Just then the most amazing thing happened. Out of the clear blue sky, what seemed to be a flaming skyrocket, appeared a gleaming sleigh pulled by two or three or maybe even six reindeer. With an enormous “Ho ho ho” Santa leaned over as the sleigh swooped past us and picked up the somewhat road-weary hat.
“Thank goodness I found you.” Santa said to his hat. And with one more “Ho ho ho” he, his reindeer and his sleigh were gone.


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