Writer of the week – part two

The third winterers, taking planes for the first time in Australian Antarctic history,
carried an entirely different package of spirited determination. 
Soviet interest in the territory
that Sir Douglas Mawson had claimed for Australia had awakened 
the snoozing conservative national Menzies government and so, 
along with the RAAF contingent and the planes,
one ready-to-assemble metal plane hanger, and an experienced dog-handler,
was a team who would mesh into feverish activity. This would 
be a genuine expedition of inland
and coastal exploration, of mapping and surveying, 
and the young surveyor from Perth
was as ideally fitted to this challenge as any human 
could possibly be.
He was a tall wiry youth with a mischievous 
sense of humour and a
humourless sense of honour. Sydney Lorrimar Kirkby 
was destined to go through
life exploding ideas and scuttling after them 
over the horizon before
his stunned colleagues realized where 
the smoke was coming from. 

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